exam stress pic
All too much? GCSE’s, A Levels or Uni exams…….
My Student Saturday is coming up. This is an opportunity for students in full time education to de stress!
I offer one to one sessions in clinical aromatherapy and neuromuscular massage. I am also a fully qualified counsellor working with teenagers coping with exam stress, amongst many other issues, and all of the physical symptoms that often accompanies stress.
Exam season can often be a very difficult time for many youngsters. The anxiety can manifest in many ways from feeling emotional to frustration, to a feeling that you are unable to cope with all that life throws at you. Physically you can often feel tension headaches, aches and pains, to the extreme of panic attacks and breathlessness. Massage coupled with a confidential setting where you can talk about your anxieties can sometimes help to relieve some of the symptoms.
Sessions are pre booked through my website or by calling me directly. Each student session lasts one hour and will be adapted to your needs.
Massage can alleviate stress by allowing the body to let go of tension and the mind is able to follow. The essential oils have been clinically proven to alleviate stress. Clients who experience aromatherapy massage with essential oils report a feeling of relaxation and calm, so here’s the science part: this overall calm helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and increases the production of relaxation hormones, while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. In some cases it can help reduce blood pressure, support breathing difficulties, and create that overall balance within your body
I have worked with children and adolescents for over 10 years now within my private practise here in Tring.
So if you are a full time student in need of support, a listening ear and some general time out to allow you to focus and see things from a different perspective then please come along on the first Saturday of each month for my discounted student day. Remember to pre book your session.